about us

about us

     Kalyon Health, which was established in 2001, and Defense Technologies, which was established in 2019, are our company Kalyon Trade Inc., whose field of activity is import and export. It conducts market research and reaches the most accurate target in order to market the products of the companies it works with in the most efficient way. Without compromising on quality and accuracy, it provides the best price and service guarantee to its domestic and foreign customers in line with their needs and wishes, in a fast, error-free and environmentally sensitive manner, respecting the rules. It contributes to the economy of our country by always being in dialogue with the companies it works with, by increasing its power and business potential every year.

     Kalyon Trade Inc. procurement and installation of the latest technology laboratory and medical devices, orientation, technical service and periodic training programs with all its solutions based on customer satisfaction and trust.

     Continues its activities with the aim of maximum customer satisfaction with its understanding of service, advanced health equipment, defense equipment put into service and experience from its solid past. It is at your service with its expert team to offer its knowledge and experience in the sector to its customers as a package and to provide a professional service within the framework of its responsibility and service understanding to its customers and the foreign companies it represents.